Popcorn and pickles; christmas breakfast

Popcorn maker, accompanying tub o’ popcorn kernels, and jar of bread and butter pickles were left on the table from christmas eve day; and await me this soon to be blustery snow christmas morning. Yeay, breakfast.

The fall season, and year in general has been go-go-go…get things done at the last second, and often without preparation. I wasn’t able to study up on industrial controls and jump in to reverse engineer a control box for reverse osmosis systems at work. But I did get down to Cape Cod twice, hike in Baxter State Park, learn the health care system with Lyme’s disease and Giardia parasitic infection — what a non-covid immune system check! — hike out to Sewall Beach a few times [see links below]; in addition to climbing trees for dead oak branches, putting up a marine vinyl garage, acquiring and rewiring a small landscape trailer (and concordantly backing the new lights into another trailer and a telephone pole }:-( ), and planning to do about three times more than I can!

So, breakfast is actually pancakes and bacon.
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all.

Links to:

A 4 picture collage

Pic of sunrise at Sewall Beach (spectacular!)

Pic of watercolor card prison friend sent

360º videos of Sewall Beach:

My exhortation to “Kill the Kaligula Klan”
(I need some photo editing help with this)

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Observation on societal virus effects and my current favorite Zeppelin tune

Here’s a link to the lyrics of Battle of Evermore and a .zip of Zeppelin IV — which, of course has that most excellent of songs contained within.

   Zeppelin IV-album     Lyrics to Battle of Evermore

Also, Social Distortion – Live at the Roxy, Soundtrack to Pulp Fiction, and the files in this picture are available. Let me know if you’re interested and I shall kick out a link…dark web brah, way secret stuff.

Hope everyone has had a stable and healthy year — health requires stability, right?

The chaos of everyday existence we create for ourselves may or may not be “worth it,” but the addition of the corona twist for past 1 3/4 years now… Well, isn’t that something to get twisted up over? I dealt with Lyme’s disease and giardia digestive parasite. Wow. What I wrote about the giardia is that it was a preview for any end that may come from some digestive failure. Quite debilitating. As with injuries and pain; I found that it absorbed my energy and concentration — a take over if you will. The analogy is that corona virus collectively infected our culture that way…robbing us all of enery and concentration.

Apologies for a depressing observation and no solution. Happy holidays?

Hey, why not. Everyone enjoy yourselves. Take care. Keep on keeping on…

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Just a picture and quick video

Whats everyone been up to? Ready for winter? Never ready, right? Here’s a picture (of me a year into being back in Maine) and a video. The spot in the woods; which I state “will soon be paradise” in the video; is paradise for me now. It’s not far back from a road, and near the main house, but remote enough that I am spooked by deer snorting, on the occasions that I’ve slept out there. [I just took the trash out to the shed and was spooked by a deer doing that whistle/snort and crashing through the woods!]
Anyways…I’m calling the spot; Near Reach. If any one has actual clever names I am open to all suggestions.
Here be the links: picture 42 second video


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Update…sort of ;-)

So, I’ve ginned up 3 collage prints of pictures from the past year, with intention of printing and sending to friend I stay in touch with in prison. They are:

poster1 poster2 and for consistency lets call the last one near_reach

Near Reach is the current best name I’ve come up with for the spot, about 400′ from father’s house, of pictured tent and bigger boat shelter type tent. Working on water treatment systems for income and working at NearReach is everything. Wellll watching retro movies that I missed from 2001-2019 and new t.v. series’ (WestWorld, Foundation, Doom Patrol…) happens at night. There is possibility of getting into industrial controls for reverse osmosis systems — so not locked into the plumbing aspect of my job. Hey I just wanted to post 3 collage pictures…here they are…ask me anything about them.

Still avoiding FB, twatterr, snackshack, beatbox blah blah bullshit data mining servers that masquerade as “social media” and always reminding good people that we are ALL equally enslaved to the corporate dictatorship.

Peace out homies ;-p

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