Popcorn and pickles; christmas breakfast

Popcorn maker, accompanying tub o’ popcorn kernels, and jar of bread and butter pickles were left on the table from christmas eve day; and await me this soon to be blustery snow christmas morning. Yeay, breakfast.

The fall season, and year in general has been go-go-go…get things done at the last second, and often without preparation. I wasn’t able to study up on industrial controls and jump in to reverse engineer a control box for reverse osmosis systems at work. But I did get down to Cape Cod twice, hike in Baxter State Park, learn the health care system with Lyme’s disease and Giardia parasitic infection — what a non-covid immune system check! — hike out to Sewall Beach a few times [see links below]; in addition to climbing trees for dead oak branches, putting up a marine vinyl garage, acquiring and rewiring a small landscape trailer (and concordantly backing the new lights into another trailer and a telephone pole }:-( ), and planning to do about three times more than I can!

So, breakfast is actually pancakes and bacon.
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all.

Links to:

A 4 picture collage

Pic of sunrise at Sewall Beach (spectacular!)

Pic of watercolor card prison friend sent

360º videos of Sewall Beach:

My exhortation to “Kill the Kaligula Klan”
(I need some photo editing help with this)

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