Observation on societal virus effects and my current favorite Zeppelin tune

Here’s a link to the lyrics of Battle of Evermore and a .zip of Zeppelin IV — which, of course has that most excellent of songs contained within.

   Zeppelin IV-album     Lyrics to Battle of Evermore

Also, Social Distortion – Live at the Roxy, Soundtrack to Pulp Fiction, and the files in this picture are available. Let me know if you’re interested and I shall kick out a link…dark web brah, way secret stuff.

Hope everyone has had a stable and healthy year — health requires stability, right?

The chaos of everyday existence we create for ourselves may or may not be “worth it,” but the addition of the corona twist for past 1 3/4 years now… Well, isn’t that something to get twisted up over? I dealt with Lyme’s disease and giardia digestive parasite. Wow. What I wrote about the giardia is that it was a preview for any end that may come from some digestive failure. Quite debilitating. As with injuries and pain; I found that it absorbed my energy and concentration — a take over if you will. The analogy is that corona virus collectively infected our culture that way…robbing us all of enery and concentration.

Apologies for a depressing observation and no solution. Happy holidays?

Hey, why not. Everyone enjoy yourselves. Take care. Keep on keeping on…

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