Update…sort of ;-)

So, I’ve ginned up 3 collage prints of pictures from the past year, with intention of printing and sending to friend I stay in touch with in prison. They are:

poster1 poster2 and for consistency lets call the last one near_reach

Near Reach is the current best name I’ve come up with for the spot, about 400′ from father’s house, of pictured tent and bigger boat shelter type tent. Working on water treatment systems for income and working at NearReach is everything. Wellll watching retro movies that I missed from 2001-2019 and new t.v. series’ (WestWorld, Foundation, Doom Patrol…) happens at night. There is possibility of getting into industrial controls for reverse osmosis systems — so not locked into the plumbing aspect of my job. Hey I just wanted to post 3 collage pictures…here they are…ask me anything about them.

Still avoiding FB, twatterr, snackshack, beatbox blah blah bullshit data mining servers that masquerade as “social media” and always reminding good people that we are ALL equally enslaved to the corporate dictatorship.

Peace out homies ;-p

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