Latest Doings and Recap of the September Vacay Roadtrip

Prelude: It’s 22 October now. The below roadtrip story happened last week of September. Just like the first sentence of the story; I’m going at maximum consistent 56 year old pace and never beating the to-do list. So…fuck it. I’m a half a glass of wine and two hits of weed in, laundry needs folding, I may sleep out in the tent tonight (where typing doesn’t work in dark camping conditions), took last dip of the year in the pond, and will do some therapeutic typing for a few minutes. .;:.;:.;:>>>>

Week Off Road Trip

 Another quick essay, because I always feel that I’m behind the eight ball, not getting any traction, and just generally not coming out of the gate -- of time lost to prison -- effectively.   This year has been a lot of work at the small water treatment company, where my labor is necessary but my expertise in electronics/firmware is just not applicable.  Labor is not going to cut it at my age and transition is required.    As it was I was contemplating career move to my Air Force specialty of avionics or solar/wind renewable.  The result of the road trip is a big recalculation.

 I have intended to procure a not-corroded, cheap truck from my Durango contact in Colorado, for almost all of the two years that I’ve been back in Maine.  Nothing was really forthcoming until Tom suggested that I could buy his old work truck.  A somewhat mutually beneficial situation.  The truck is a manual -- which I like -- and not a kick around Denver vehicle.  Tom’s other vehicle is a get around Denver, and get anywhere fast, car.  Alright, the truck is on the table and I’m going to take a week off to go get it.  I’ve been working consistently all year and need some sort of time away.  So, I book a Saturday flight to Denver and the following week off of work; with the intention to drive the truck back.

First civilian flight experience since March 2001. [The 2007 con-air rendition flight in which I flew with 240 other shackled inmates is a whole other story!] Get to Denver at noon and rendezvous with Tom no problem.  I’m at a Tex-Mex cantina eating a savory burrito and feeling real weird about being 2000 miles from home base.  We discuss the truck, having dinner with friends, and driving back to Maine. It all follows the script – we have dinner with John and Ty at Twin Peaks ( ...hooters style joint where the waitress was just oh so perfectly glittered ;-)).  Tune up the truck Sunday...get up to Superior to visit a couple I know from the old days in Fort Collins...have breakfast, pack the truck, and start driving Monday morning.  Pull into the driveway in Maine Wednesday night.

The drive entailed pushing through the first night – all nighters at mine and Tom’s age...ugh.  This put us through Chicago at fuck-me-a.m. and we were so desperate to get around a pair of mated semi trucks causing a 8+ mile backup that we detoured through Gary Indiana.  Through Cleveland then Erie and rain the next night in New York.  By 8 p.m. the rain was fatiguing and a hotel in Brocksport – near Rochester was the remedy.  Leisurely breakfast at Tom Horton’s and fourteen hours to West Bath Maine.

Tom stayed until Saturday October first and flew out of Portland Jetport a week and 6 hours after I had flown out of the same.  We toured around town Bath and the coast at a place called Head Beach/Hermit Island.  Partied with the neighbors. Hiked around the family homestead.  Cooked and ate lobsters.  And, cut split some wood.  All in all it was a good week off of work and packed with memorable, a win.

Now, how am I going to get this truck up to state vehicle inspection standards?!
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