Open Letter to Vladimir “spread the fear” Putin; and cat pictures

Open letter to Vlad Putin:

What the fuck do you want? You tyrannical shitbags always get legacy crazy in old age…like you’re fucking Achilles and want to be remembered for a thousand years. Fuck you. You’re a Joe Stalin knockoff trying to match his body count [20 million!] in your final alzheimer years.
So, if you want to keep people guessing…act unpredictable. Everything about you is specious. I picture you as a squirrel with its head on backwards that knows everything because no other being can share it’s perspective. Let the guessing begin of what goes on in a backwards squirrel head: you’re just a simple sadistic prick (like your god/king Stalin), and all you want is to impose suffering. Oh, but you have this legacy kink whereby spreading suffering and leaving a bigger death footprint than Stalin has become your addled obsession.
It has become unfashionable to starve, maim, and kill your own citizens, so you take the Stalin 2 show on the road: Georgia in 2008, Crimea 2016, now and always Ukraine. Control, dominate, impose suffering…all the Soviet hits, that played from Lenin to Brezhnev. So, let’s drill down a layer.
All this three generation old Soviet nostalgia that you want to impose – on oh, let’s say one third minimum; if not the whole world! – makes you a reincarnated, tyrant, fuck stick. Caligula, Genghis Khan, Saudi oil sheikh…oh you rotten, jealous bitch.
How to talk sense to such a pathetic, twisted fuck as you? Like trying to talk chastity to a child molester…forget it! This can only suffice as an evaluation: subject is incorrigible whore-beast; a demon of sadistic zealotry; willfully ignorant of norms, mores, and logic; addicted to deception and perversion of norms, mores, and logic to the exclusion of any other interaction.

—-End of attempted communication.

—-This portion is to U.S. DoD/military.
How to deal with anachronistic, Caligula imposters: take what they care about…what makes them what they are. In this case territory and personal (stashed) assets.
Here’s the solution: take the russian far east (region across from Alaska) and Sakhalin Island. Run Sakhalin as a joint territory with the Chinese and Japanese – they need some forced bonding and it establishes a north pacific (ASEAN) style alliance; a co-operative trading alliance; and security/stability of that maritime region.
This twisted, venomous, bitch nigger of a tyrant is narrowly obsessed: in this case with dominating intermediate, buffer spaces between mother rooskiya and European/Mediterranean countries. The far east is already foreign to rooskiya (and the tyrant mind). Easy to use exactly the same words of the taking of Crimea to say: the eastern region of rooskiya is to be returned to the native peoples…it was never culturally russian and now returns to it’s native culture…liberated by the U.S., in co-operation with the Chinese and Japanese – true racially and culturally interested countries.
I am available to coordinate the management of the joint territory. Please give me 48 hours notice to deploy.
Justin Free

P.S. – Too busy packing to upload cat pictures. Peace out.

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Will spring be dome construction time?

Three pictures of where the dome foundation is going. I’ve stood a fourteen foot plank up, at the center point, to indicate the height at the center of dome — one foot above grade of foundation exposure and thirteen feet height at the center of the dome. The diameter is eleven feet; which is the distance from the center pole to: the edge of the burn barrel at the left, and the blue pick axe (actually a ‘grub hoe’) at the left rear.
Now to figure out how to excavate (maybe blast some ledge) and pour concrete!
Pictures to follow of that process 😉

Picture one. Picture two. Picture three.