Kaligula Rap…forgotten text from 2016

Wrote this anti-Kaligula rap around 2016…summer before the stolen election in the the U.S. It is from the perspective of a general Kaligula (corporate shot caller, species traitor) with traces of the Kaligula. If you’re offended by this perspective of humans by our slave masters (residents of Elysium) then do something to disenslave from the corporate dictatorship; to which we have been beholden for …oh, lets say seven generatons.


Round and round we go; politician, corporate C.E.O

Work and work until you can’t; pay your retirement I shan’t.

Buy and sell the people’s future; I need more gold and high couture.

Drop dead your last day of work; on your grave I stand and twerk.

Kill yourselves urban niggers; honky Trump feels only biggers.

Shut up poor and sickly;I’m bringing U.S. back bigly.

Corporate treasure chests busting soon; U.S. fools slave labor, bosses boon.

Voter suckers have gone insane; poor tax burden a bigger bane.

So now we work for our extinction; government, corporation: no distinction.

Dead oceans, fish all gone; natural resources sold for a song.

Thanks for water laced with acetone; My McJob, you threw me a bone.

Double shift over a grease fryer; living wage—you fucking liar.

Yeah, whatever. You’re too late; Electoral College sealed your fate.

Must go pray and spend at the county fair; celebrate grand life, no health care. ———————————————————

A taut financial tight rope; gives extra balance and hope.

You’re welcome for that healthy stress; let me tell you always what is best.

Whitehouse I consummate with Ivanka; never feels like incest when I bonk her.

Putting Barron in her was a race; look at that precious mutant face.

Have you met the killers in the band; no question where we all stand.

You’re too dumb for our level of thought; just stay between our feet when we squat.

Now you know what the facts is;go to work and pay my eighteen years back taxes!

Copyright 2016 Justin Pettrucci—Permission to use granted