Can a convict get a job?

Below is graphic of the homemade job seeking card I’ve printed. I am pinned in to gigs that don’t require a background check. Hopefully renewables — wind, solar etc. — has enough of a boom that need of a reliable, educated employee out weighs protocol. All I know is that when I get to work with people first; the fact of having been incarcerated (for murder) doesn’t carry an ounce to the ton of built impression.

Business card announcing job seeking for an electrical engineering position.
Here’s to hope of an interview for merit…that disregards false impressions of crminality.

What really happened and trying to keep a patch of ground dry in Maine.

–>Just found this draft and am posting it now. the link to the text file of the blogspot entry should still be valid. As far as keeping a patch of ground dry; I had to replace the extra layer tarp cover on the marine vinyl shelter after a year. That is covered in the next entry. (JF, 26 Nov 2022, 20:40 EST)

This a text file of a 2013 blog entry that documents what really happened in the reckless homicide of Marc Bender. The URL of the original entry on is the first line of the file. It is titled “Materially False Information”