April showers and sleeping at Near Reach

Thursday April 14th 2022
So this week I have finally spent nights in the shelter pictured in the last entry. I’m there now typing this to the thrum of April showers. There is a platform (8’x12’) at the back 2/5ths of the shelter, on a scaffolding about 4’ off the ground. I’m sitting in the back seat from my car, as an ersatz sofa, typing in the mostly dark. The keyboard is unlit and I’m using a headlamp to see it — but with dying batteries have just turned it off and am really pulling in my darkness tactility. [band, album, or song name: darkness tactility?] I am also running a propane lantern at my feet, but for heat more than light and I’m not elevating that hotbox off of the floor. [full disclosure: I’m tipping the screen down to illuminate the keys when I cannot find something ;-)]
The process has been to add something each night. e.g. first night just test out matress, blankets, pillows etc. and haul ass back to the house at 5:30am to get ready for work. Second (colder) night run the propane heater from 4-5 to take chill off, before getting up. Third night oatmeal in the morning. Tomorrow morning is oatmeal AND coffee. Yeay. OK enough darkness tactility typing. More this weekend…with pictures.

Saturday April 30th 2022
The romantic idea of typing at the shelter [Near Reach] is a fail. I left the laptop out there one day, in it’s shoulder bag, and realized it was just plain clumsy. Even with comfortable seats from the back of the car and a comfortable bed with a headboard typing in the cold with dim light is fruitless. It’s a great crash pad and o.k. to watch something on a tablet…that’s all. Hopefully the floor area will become a construction production area.
Peace, Jason

Link to the 82MB video of Near Reach shelter last November

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