Sailing trip from Portland to Hermit Island

May first marked by riding along with friend on his migration from Portland to Hermit Island — see graphic. We cast off from the old port slip around 11am and motor sailed past Diamond Island — a place to which I’ve taken a water taxi for a water treatment system job — then between Peak’s and Cushing Islands to the “open” ocean.
The red arrow indicates the end of shoal of low rocks called: “Junk of Pork.”. The wind was also from that direction. We turned there and sailed east-north-east on a starboard tack; past halfway rock lighthouse and to off-shore of Hermit Island. There we turned to a down wind and sailed in to a good place to take in the sails and motor to the inside of the island.
It was a good experience for getting a different perspective of the land and scope of everything in general. Although we made good headway it is a slower pace than motorized life on land.

Map view or route from Portland to Hermit Island
Route from Okd Port section of Portland to the inside harbor at Hermit Island
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