Stumps and Tall Trees in January Freezing Rain

Hacking away a stumps in the freezing rain. I did make some progress — hopefully ;you can see from the pictures that there is a crater around the two pictured. The goal is to get them hacked down — not entirely pulled — to the surrounding ground level, which will be filled about 6″ thick as a platform for the 14′ camper trailer. The trailer will go between the two big pines pictured, and since I don’t want them falling on me I am in the contemplation stage of how to drop them big mofo’s!! [The upper branches develop symetrically (cylindrical symmetry?), so the high lop sidedness requires an extra degree of consideration.]

Difficult to discern because the two stumps are hacked down, but be assured the broken axe was well earned hacking these stumps around and around; in freezing rain to boot.
I hope to drop these 45 degrees to the left of this perspective.
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