Second trip to Cape Cod:

Made a second run to “The Cape” this past, last July weekend. Better than the last trip because stayed at a great house of a friend in Bourne: Old high cieling school house with big windows and just plain cool. Last trip I tried to camp in the van, without really preparing or planning.
Set aside some homesteading materials from friend Jurgen’s property, which he worked on for only about 10 years — so I’m able to see what I have ahead of me in the Maine woods.
Got back sunday before noon, but didn’t get anything done that afternoon. This weekend will be “shake off the lethargy” and get something done time! Holy crap is there a lot: wood to fell, cut, and split for winter; marine vinyl building to get up and fill with a sleeping platform, tools, clothes, kitchen (woodstove from the Cape ;-)); tree climbing practice (to bag dead limbs as firewood)…and the busy season for the water treatment day job.
Conclusion: I studied a lot of subjects and materials while incarcerated but don’t know much about forestry, agriculture, and how to live simply in the woods…as much as I expoused that intention if I ever got back to Maine. Here I putter towards the simple life in the woods with an outdoor brick oven, battery bank, composting toilet, environmentally concious constructed house etc. So far: tent on a wooden platform, bucket to poop in, gas grill.
Lots of room for progress!
Peace out, Justin Free