Will spring be dome construction time?

Three pictures of where the dome foundation is going. I’ve stood a fourteen foot plank up, at the center point, to indicate the height at the center of dome — one foot above grade of foundation exposure and thirteen feet height at the center of the dome. The diameter is eleven feet; which is the distance from the center pole to: the edge of the burn barrel at the left, and the blue pick axe (actually a ‘grub hoe’) at the left rear.
Now to figure out how to excavate (maybe blast some ledge) and pour concrete!
Pictures to follow of that process 😉

Picture one. Picture two. Picture three.

Big, corkscrew pine is down.

New photos at the DOME gallery. Don’t know if dome will happen or I’ll just establish a base camp — tent, tarp tool shed, gas grill; and build composting outhouse and brick oven — or dome footing construction will start without those base of operations type things.

As for now, just burning out stumps and planning the footing. And, will likely divert effort to the outhouse and oven.


Relearning everything. Started a photo gallery called “DOME” ; to document the process of building a 22.5 foot diameter dome. Stay tuned for more pictures and hopefully audio (.mp3) files.